Ice Cream

Minted - Fresh mint infused ice cream finished with premium chocolate flake. Real mint leaves give this classic its taste and colour.

Triple Chocolate - Cocoa and chocolate ice cream finished with premium chocolate flake. We know chocolate lovers love chocolate so... Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!! Need we say more? Ok, this makes a beautiful 'fudgey' treat.

Cowboy Coffee - Real coffee, like right off the pot on the fire. If you are a coffee lover you'll love this one!

Roasted Banana - Roasted banana ice cream with premium chocolate flake. Yummy like a banana sundae, but ready to eat, no mess!

Vanilla w/ Caramel Bits - Smooth vanilla ice cream finished with melt in your mouth caramel bits.

Custard Blueberry - Delicious custard ice cram with a freshly made blueberry ribbon throughout. Two of our favourite things, rolled into one!

Strawberry Balsamic -Fresh strawberries turned into ice cream finished with a premium balsamic vinegar glaze. Fresh strawberries just want to be made into ice cream, right? We go Italian style and add a touch of premium balsamic vinegar to this one.

Salted Caramel - Salted caramel ice cream with premium chocolate flake and melt in your mouth caramel chunks. It's a fan favourite for a reason, try it!

Polar Bear - Christmassy treat anytime of year, chocolate with candy canes. A refreshing take on chocolate ice cream.

Classic Vanilla - Classic smooth vanilla ice cream. Perfect alone or complements a piece of pie or cake.

Apple Pie - Chunks of dried apple dancing with Cinnamon ice cream. A warm apple pie explosion, pairing perfectly with our salted caramel.

Cookie Dough - Yummy! And gluten free, as is all of our ice cream!

Chai - Ginger, cloves, cardamom and Assam tea from Canmore Tea Co. come together to make a sweet and flavourful treat.

Tiger Tail - Orange ice cream with bits of licorice butterscotch. Our lovely take on a classic.

Fruity Bubblegum -Made for kids but loved by all. As with everything we make, all made with real food. We use whole fruit; no colours, or stabilizers.

Dairy Free

Spicy Margarita - You'll be tempted to let it melt and grab a straw! But its more refreshing frozen. Dairy free and alcohol free.

Orange One - Dairy free frozen treat where the name really says it all. Named by a close friend and it sums this one up. Like eating a fresh orange, if it were frozen of course!


Pina Colada - A super smooth coconut milk base ice cream with fresh pineapple. It's a party, a vegan party!!

Thai Curry - A tempting combination, cold and hot, sweet and savoury. One spoonful is never enough.


Classic Vanilla

Strawberry Balsamic

Cowboy Coffee

Our Cookies are made from all real, fresh ingredients. This secret recipe keeps it gluten free and as gooey as ever! Chunky chocolate chips scattered throughout the dough adds the perfect texture as you take a bite!

Triple Chocolate

Vanilla w/ Caramel Bits

Orange One

A variety of lovely ice cream sandwiched between our very special brownie recipe. Baked to a gooey perfection, nothing has been so tempting until you try our iconic gluten free brownie sandwiches.